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mining_1Honorary Investment Counsellors work with the Board of Investment to promote Pakistan internationally and highlight trade and investment opportunities. They focus on supporting businesses seeking to establish in Pakistan.

Their business expertise and international experience are vital for supporting international investors looking to enter the Pakistani market.

Our Honorary Investment Counsellors carry out priority meetings at the request of the Board of Investment and apprise overseas investors of specific opportunities. They also undertake dedicated visits to Pakistan accompanying potential investors.

The Honorary Investment Counsellors together offer a wealth of business experience and knowledge gained across a range of sectors and geographical markets and represent a key initiative of the Board of Investment for building on its already close relationships with business, to market Pakistan and ensure that investors capitalise on the opportunities offered by the Pakistani market.

Honorary Investment Counsellors are supported in their role by a dedicated team at the Board of Investment. The services offered by Board of Investment bring together a network of business sector specialists and support teams in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta and in Pakistani diplomatic posts in some 60 markets all around the world. Board of Investment works with a wide range of partner organisations in Pakistan, including other Government departments, Provincial Development Agencies and the City District Governments, Chambers of Commerce and trade associations.

Do you attend conferences as part of your everyday business environment? Are you a member of a Local/International Association or professional body/organisation? Do you network regularly with other business leaders or experts in your field? Can you influence people’s perceptions of Pakistan as a destination where you can do business? Can you influence key decision makers to make inward investments to Pakistan? If yes, then we would like to recognise you as an Honorary Investment Counsellor.

As a Honorary Investment Counsellor and through your national and international contacts and networks, you will be able to raise your personal profile and that of your business. By bringing in more investment to Pakistan, you will receive our support and recognition for your efforts in enhancing Pakistan’s international reputation.

Raising Pakistan’s profile and enhancing the country’s reputation as a place to do business either through your business proposals, inward investment or within your business networks, will be easier if you know you can get help to do it. That is where the Board of Investment comes in.